Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What's In My Makeup Bag (May Edition).

Hiya everyone, first of all I'd just like to apologise for my lack of posts recently. I think that I'm only going to be able to post every other day now, with school work and all that.
Anyway, today I'm going to be sharing with you whats in my makeup bag this month.

 Here is what my makeup bag looks like, its a Betty Jackson Black bag that I got about a month back from Debenhams!

And then here's what I carry in my makeup bag... all in a pile.
I just want to add that I don't use all high end makeup or all drugstore. I think that its good to have a mix of more expensive makeup and inexpensive makeup.

Left To Right: Loreal nude magique BB cream, Bourjois bio detox organic foundation, Benefit boi-ing concealer,
Witch pressed powder and lastly some Kleenex blotting tissues.

At the moment I am trying out the Loreal BB cream, but I just have to carry my Bourjois foundation as it is my go to foundation.
Left To Right: Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, Rimmel sun shimmer bronzer in the shade light matte, MAC powder blush in well dressed, Urban Decay urbanglow cream highlight in sin, Revlon lip butter in peach parfait and Clinique super balm in grapefruit.

I really like using the collection 2000 concealer under my eyes, I have the shade two and although its a tad to dark to use on any blemishes its a bit peachy. Great for the under eye area.

Left To Right: Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara, MUA clear mascara, Rimmel flash eyeliner and MUA matt eyeshadow (shade 19).

I'd just like to apologise that the picture is upside down, but it just would not rotate. I haven't tried too many high end mascaras, but I don't believe that you need an expensive mascara to make your eyelashes look a million dollars! I use the matt eyeshadow to fill in my brows and the clear mascara to set them.

I hope this post wasn't too boring, sorry if it was. What do you carry in your makeup bag?
- BeautyGeek123



  1. Interesting post! I think it's good to have a mix of high end and drugstore make-up too. x

  2. Thanks and I deffinatley agrree with you :)x

  3. I have a few of the same products in my make-up bag :)
    I love the collection 2000 concealer for under my eyes, it works like a dream but I don't find it does a whole lot to my spots! I've just started using the revlon lip butters and am so addicted to them :) Love that MUA eye shadow too!
    I think it's great to have a range of brands - I usually buy the cheaper brands when I'm trying something new that I'm not sure I'll like :)
    Love Holz oxo

  4. I've tried the collection 2000 concealer on blemishes aswell and it didnt really work for me either. I love the lip butters too, I have 3 but I prefer peach parfait for everyday. I like to use a range of brands, high end and drugstore. I'd never want to just have expensive makeup lol x