Monday, 14 May 2012

Review: Benefit Dallas Blush.

Hello everyone, in this post I'm going to be reviewing one
 of Benefit's box blushes

Here is the blush.

I got the picture above off of Benefit's website, this is the new packing of the blush.
You can see in the picture that it looks like a red/brown/purple shade, and is describe by Benefit as 'plum'. 

 Here is a picture of the blush I own.  It looks more like a brown/bronzed 'blush'.
 This is a finger swatch from the blush.
This is what it looks like after five swipes.

Overall I didnt really get much use out of this blush, just because it isn't really what I would normally reach for (I'm into more pale pink shades). However it is nice just to have this in my collection, I would recommend this blush to anyone who wears more of these neutral blushes, or if you have the money and would like to have this in your collection.
You can find all of Benefit's box blushes online at or anywhere else where Benefit is sold. The blushes retail for £23.50, which is a reasonable price if you are going to get use out of them, but for me this one was abit of a waste of money.

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great day and speak to you soon. If you have any post requests please leave a comment below.
- BeuatyGeek123

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