Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Berry Lips: My Picks.

I think its save to say that I have an extensive lipstick collection, and berry shades are my favourite or this season. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to share a few of my favourites with you :)
Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie:                  £7.99
I brought this the day that the Revlon lip butters were released in Superdrug, and I'm nearly out - repurchase needed. This is probably the easiest berry to pull of out of the ones I am going to show you. The formula is very glossy and moisturising, as with all the lip butters. It also has a pink-ish undertone to it, which I really like.
Almay Lipstick in Berry:
I robbed this from my mums makeup bag a while ago, and have loved it ever since. Unfortunately, I am unsure of where you can buy this in the UK, as my mum brought this in America, a few years back. I'm a huge fan of the sleek white packaging, and also the little clear window on the cap, so if you multiple colours of these lipstick, then it would be easy to see which colours is which. Another huge plus is that it has an SPF 17, always good to be protected from the sun! I find the colour itself to be really similar to the Revlon lip butter, the formulation is just less glossy, and I feel more 'grown up' when wearing this one, compared to the Revlon one.
MUA Intense Kisses Lip Gloss in Kiss And Tell: £2.00
A very recent purchase of mine, however I think its amazing. This is actually a lip gloss, but the colour pay off is just incredible! And for two pounds I really don't think you can go wrong.
Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Cherry:                   £4.99
This is the darkest of the lot, a VERY deep vampy red. Again, colour pay off is amazing. The finish of this is described as a 'sheen', however I prefer to apply it with a lip bush for more precision and a gorgeous matt finish.
I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for your time.
- BeautyGeek123.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

MUA Haul.

Hi guys, so sorry I have been MIA this past month, but I will be getting back into the swing of things from now on. Anyway, on with the purpose of this post - to share with you all a few things I brought from MUA earlier!
MUA isn't a brand that I tend to gravitate towards normally, however they have come out with a few new bits that have caught my eye recently. I can do a review of the products in the upcoming weeks, if that is something you guys would like to see.
MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit:                               £3.50
This product has had quite some hype from the Blogging world recently, and of course I wanted to give it a go for myself, and see if it is really worth all the attention.
MUA  BB All In One Beauty Balm in Medium:                   £4.00
My skin has been relatively dry and dehydrated recently, and when I swatched this in Superdrug it seemed quite creamy and moisturising, so I thought I would give it a go!
MUA Intense Kisses High Intensity Gloss in Kiss and Tell: £2.00
It looked like such a gorgeous raspberry colour in the tube, and I have been into those types of colours recently, so why not buy another one to add to my collection?
Well I hope you enjoyed reading this post, thanks for your time!
- BeautyGeek123.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Empties #2.

Hey guys, I hope your all having a great day so far and had a great Halloween yesterday :)
Today I will be doing an empties post, which I believe I have done one before, but I want to start doing them on a more regular basis.
L'Oreal gentle eye makeup remover : £2.99 (Buy Here)
This is by far my favourite eye makeup remover! I have gone through about three of these now, and I can defiantly say I will by buying a fourth bottle.
I love... coconut & cream shower smoothie : £2.05 (Buy Here)
This is a great body exfoliator to use before fake tanning, or just on its own. It's an amazing product, with an amazing price tag. For sure I will be re-purchasing.
Neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash : £4.89 (Buy Here)
This is what I use as an everyday face wash, and I find that it works really well with my skin. I re-purchased before it even ran out :)
Mayelline dream fresh BB cream : £7.99 (Buy Here)
I got a few samples of this, and have used them all up already. I think I might have to purchase the full size, as I really like this product.
Blistex intensive moisturiser : £2.59 (Buy Here)
I mentioned this in my autumn/winter must haves, as its a great thick lip balm. Again, I will be re-purchasing.
Superdrugs Vitamin E face wipes : I couldn't find them online.
I did really like these face wipes, and I didn't find that they iterated my skin or dried out (as some face wipes I've tried, have done). Unfortunately, I can't say that I will be re-purchasing though, as I know that face wipes aren't any good for your skin and I have tried to cut them out of my skin care routine.
Blanx whitening tooth paste : I couldn't find it online.
I had a kind of strange experience with this. I used the pump version of this tooth paste before, and I found that it worked really well for me. So, when I saw the squeezie tube (with a much cheaper price tag), I decided to snag it up! However, this time it didn't do anything for my teeth. Sadly, I can't say that I will be re-purchasing.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Makeup TAG!

As I said a few posts ago, sadly my camera has broke :( And until I can get it fixed, unfortunately I can't do any reviews or any posts that require pictures, so I am stuck doing TAG's! But, TAG's are cool right?
Anyway, the TAG I decided to do today, is the 'Makeup Tag'. Lets get started...
Blush or Bronzer? I really love both! But if I had to pick, probably blush.
Lip gloss or Lipstick? Lip gloss, just because its hasle free.
Eye liner or Mascara? Mascara, any day.
Foundation or Concealer? I hardly ever wear liquid foundation, so it would have to be concealer.
Neutral or Colour Eyeshadow? Neutral.
Pressed or Loose eyeshadow? Pressed, loose can get really messy.
Brushes or Sponges? Brushes.
Long or Short? I would love to have naturally long nails, but my nails are VERY short :(
Acrylic or Natural? Natural, acrylic WRECK your natural nails.
Brights or Darks? Both!
Flower or No Flower? Flowers look pretty, but I never have the time.
Perfume or Body Splash? Perfume!
Lotion or Body Butter? Body butter, the Body Shop one is THE BOMB.COM
Body Wash or Soap? Body wash.
Jeans or Sweat Pants? Jeans for going out, sweat pants for lounging around :)
Long Sleeve or Short? Long!
Dresses or Skirts? I like both!
Stripes or Plaid? Stripes.
Flip Flops or Sandals? Both.
Scarves or Hats? Scarves all the way, there my favourite accessory.
Studs or Dangley earrings? Studs probably.
Necklaces or Bracelets? Bracelets, I have a weird phobia of necklaces.
Heels or Flats? I love heels for an event or party, but i'm quite tall so I would normally wear flats.
Cowboy or Riding boots? Um, i'm not too sure on this one?
Jacket or Hoodie? Kinda the same thing as the jeans question.
Curly or Straight? I LOVE curly hair, but mines naturally straight, and NEVER holds a curl :(
Bun or Ponytail? Both are great for bad hair days!
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips? Bobby pins.
Hairspray or Gel? I don't use either, but if I had to pick then hairspray.
Long or Short? I have always had long, but I would love to rock short hair!
Light or Dark? Dark :)
Side Swept Bangs or Full Bangs? Side swept.
Up or Down? A mixture of both!
I'm not too sure what some of these questions had to do with makeup, but I thought that it would be a good TAG to do. Hope you enjoyed reading, and if you do this TAG please link it in a comment, because I would love to have a read! Until next time,
- BeautyGeek123.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Guest Post: NaomiLouiseee1 - Whats In My Makeup Bag?

Hello everyone, so this is a guest blog post, by me! If you're thinking "who the heck is she?" I'm naomilouiseee1 from the YouTube beauty community. I'm doing this guest blog for beautygeek123, obviously, as I have recently become pretty good friends with her and I'm so excited, so lets jump right into it! This blog post is just about what is in my everyday makeup bag.
So first of all lets start with my base makeup.

The first thing that I use, isn't exactly a beauty item, but oh my goodness, I have never used such an amazing product. This is a vitamin E moisturiser  from the Superdrug own brand. It's very inexpensive which initially made me think that I wouldn't like the product, as my skin dries out a lot, especially in the summer. I like to go swimming in the sea, then the combination of sun and salt water dries my face out a lot. So all throughout summer I have been using this, and I have no dry skin patches at all! I was seriously amazed. The moisturising is thick, and has a slight scent, which personally I like, and for a drugstore, really inexpensive moisturiser I really can't complain and it has become one of my must haves!

Okay so the next things I use are powder products, i.e my bronzer, blusher and my setting powder.
The bronzer that I use is the Rimmel London natural bronzer in the shade sun light. This is the perfect shade for me to do some light contouring, and it's not too dark. I also love the fact its drugstore, inexpensive and it doesn't appear 'orangey' on the skin.
The next thing is my NYC colour wheel in the colour pink cheek glow. Personally, I love this, It's the perfect every day cheek colour, and again it's really inexpensive.
I set all of my make up with the Rimmel stay matte powder, this is one of those products which have been raved about so much, so I thought I'd try it, at first I didn't see what all the hype was about but then after about a week I fell in love with it. My shade is sandstorm.

This is the one of the newest products into my everyday makeup bag, and that is my Revlon photoready primer. I don't want to talk about it too much,as I've only used it for a couple of weeks, but I will say it now, I'm impressed, it definitely makes my makeup last a lot longer, and its perfect for those longer days at school.
The next thing is my Body Shop foundation. I'm in shade 04. I love the coverage of this foundation for fall and winter because it is a lot more full and the colour for me is perfect. The only complaint I have with this is that sometimes the colour comes off, not throughout the day, by the end of the day my face still has the foundation on my skin, it lasts forever, but is i lean on my hand, and pull it away, the next thing i touch will have foundation fingerprints. This foundation is about £13 I believe and is definitely worth every penny.
The last product of my base makeup is my W7 concealer with tea tree. This has the obvious tea tree smell, which personally I like, however that will definitely put you off if you don't like it. This concealer is perfect for any spots and blemishes, and I also use it under my eyes. I purchased this of so it was even more inexpensive but it's seriously an amazing drugstore product!

Eye product wise I tend to use natural bronzey-er colours. So firstly I just use my Maybelline colour tattoo in the colour permanent taupe as a base. I then use my natural coloured Colourworks quad, and then my NYC liquid eyeliner. After that I use my 2 higher end products which are the bad gal lash and bad gal liner, from benefit. If you would like a review on either of these products I have a review of them here.
Lastly on my lips I use the Rimmel lipstick in the shade 200- Latino, it's just a perfect everyday colour. It seriously is just your lip colour but better. Once again I purchased this at a discounted price from fragrancedirect.

That's it from this blog post, thank you so much for reading, and thank you so much to Morgan for letting me do this post, it's been amazing and I've really enjoyed it.
 Thanks for reading, Naomi :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

TAG: I Heart Fall!

Picture borrowed from:
Hello everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing week so far! I would just like to apologise for the lack of posts recently, I have just been rushed off my feet with school work and to top it all off my camera has broke :( However, I still wanted to post, but I didn't know what on. So I asked my friend Naomi if she knew of any good tags going around and she recommended I do the I <3 fall tag, so here it is!
What is your favourite fall lip product? I really like the Revlon lip butter in berry smoothie.
Favourite fall nail polish? Umm, I quite like the NYC park ave nail polish.
Favourite Starbucks fall drink? I don't actually go Starbucks, but I do really love a good homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows on top!
Favourite fall candle? The red Glades candle (I forgot the name, sorry).
Favourite fall scarf or accessory? The chunky red one, that I showed in my winter must haves.
Haunted house, haunted hay ride or haunted corn maze? Well, I would be petrified of any of them, but probably haunted house :/
Favourite Halloween movie? Me and my mum watch Hocus Pocus every year, and it still scares the cr*p out of me. (I'm a BIG baby when it comes to scary films!)
Favourite candy to eat on Halloween? I really like the limited edition green cream eggs that they come out with every year.
What are you dressing up as for Halloween? I haven't decided yet, I was thinking Kim Kardashian as I have the PERFECT dress and accessories, but don't people normally dress up as scary things?
What is your favourite thing about fall? I really love when the leaves fall off the tree and they change colour. And I love being able to wear boots and chunky scarves and jumpers!
Thanks for reading!
- BeautyGeek123.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Revlon Quad: Addictive.

I was on the hunt for some good matt eye shadows in Superdrug the other day, when I came across this lovely quad by Revlon. It has four really wearable everyday shadows in it; a great highlight shade, two all over lid colours and a medium brown crease colour.

This is really great for the everyday girl who wants some natural shadows for school or work. For £7.99 I really don't think that you can fault this quad and I would recommend to everyone!
Thanks for reading,
- BeautyGeek123

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Winters Here - Must Haves!

Today it has been rather nippy, to say the least, in England and it inspired me to do a autumn/winter theme post. I will be sharing with you a few of my favourites/must haves for the chilly months.

Chunky Knit Scarves:
 I really love thick, warm, chunky knit scarves. They keep you super warm, but still look fashionable. The one shown above I got from Tesco a while back in the sale for around £5, bargain!
Pale Pink Blush:
During the summer months I like to wear bright blush, but when autumn and winter comes around I tone it down abit and go for more pale pink colours. I just got this Benefit one, but I have a feeling its going to be one of my faves.

An Intensive Lip Balm:
I suffer from chapped lips all year round, especially in the winter. The best way I find to treat this problem is with Blistex intensive moisturiser, its an extremely moisturising lip cream. I haven't found anything that is as good as this, the only con is that it does leave a white cast on your lips.
Berry Lipstick:
The berry lip is all in this season, and I am a huge fan! My favourite is the Revlon lip butter in berry smoothie, its a very wearable berry, so if your scared of wearing colour like me then you should defiantly give this one a go!
I hope you all enjoyed reading.
Whats your must haves for autumn/winter?
- BeautyGeek123

Friday, 21 September 2012

How Much Does Your Face Cost?

I have seen quite a few of these posts floating around the blogging world recently, and I thought it would be rude to not share my two cents with you (did I just get the punch line wrong?).
Sometimes I will wear more makeup than this, normally just on special occasions, and sometimes I will just wear some concealer, powder and mascara.
So, how much does your face cost?
- Revlon photoready concealer in 004, £4.49 (Buy here)
- NYC smooth skin pressed powder in translucent, £1.99 (Buy here)
- Mac mineralize blush in dainty, £19 (Review here, Buy here)
- Urban Decay eyeshadow in midnight cowboy, £14 (Buy here)
- Maybelline gel eyeliner in intense black, £8 (Buy here)
- Lancome hypnose star mascara in midnight noir, £21 (Buy here)
- Dior kiss lip gloss in snow cherry, discontinued - New Dior lip glosses £21 (Similar here)
 A grand total of: £89.48
To be honest I think that £90 for a full face of makeup isn't that bad.
How much does your face cost?
- BeautyGeek123

Sunday, 16 September 2012

NYX Cream Blush In Natural.


Hiya lovelies, today I will be reviewing a recent love of mine, NYX cream blush! NYX is quite hard to find in the UK but if you can get your hands on any, its defiantly worth it.
This is the only product I have tried from the brand so far, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The pigmentation is incredible, a light hand is required and the wearing of it is great - I would say it lasts a 5-6 hours. This specific colour reminds me of my favourite blush of all time, MAC dainty, although the NYX one is more intense.
Overall I was really happy with this product and I can't wait to try more NYX in the future! You can buy NYX from their online store here, or from Ebay with free delivery here.
- BeautyGeek123.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

They See Me Studdin'


Hey guys, so I just wanted to do a quick post letting you all know that I am now oficially selling
handmade (by me) studded IPhone cases! I have already tweeted about it, but incase you don't follow me on twitter then here are of the details:
- The cases are handmade, and made to order.
- At the moment I only have black and white cases with bronze and silver studs. But I will hopefully be getting some more colours!
- To buy you can email me OR buy off of Etsy.
Constact info:
- BeautyGeek123.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

August Favourites.

Today I will be sharing with you all my favourite beauty items for the month of august. I don't have loads of products to talk about this month, only five, but I have been really loving all of them for the whole month.
Essie Nail Polish in Mademoiselle: £7.99 (Buy here)
I got this nail polish at the beginning of the month and have been wearing it non stop! It's a VERY sheer pale pink polish, that can be worn alone, on top of a french manicure or as a top/base coat. Honestly it looks as if you have near enough nothing on your nails, but I think its great for when I don't want to wear a bold nail polish!
Revlon ColourStay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten: (Discontinued, but can be found on places like Ebay)
I Seriously Love This! I haven't tried too many highlighter's in my time, but I can say this is my favourite! It is a straight up pink colour, which I didn't think was going to suit me (as I have yellow undertones), but when it's on the skin it looks more of a white, and gives the prettiest glow to your skin. And these 'mineral finishing powders' are meant to be a dupe for Mac MSF's, which are around four times the price!
Mac Powder Blush in Melba: £17.00 (Buy here)
I would say that 95% of my blush collection consists of pink blushes; pale pink, bright pink, deep pink, I could go on. So, this orange blush is kind of not something I would normally go for, however it does really suit me. Melba is a muted peach colour with a matte finish so it looks really natural and I have worn it for the majority of this past month.

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara: £21.00 (Buy here)
Although my picture doesn't do it justice, lets all take a gander at the B E A U T I F U L of this mascara. It's glittery! Now I am not going to say too much about this mascara as I am going to be doing a review on it soon, but I have been wearing it all month and I just love the way it makes my lashes look!

St. Ives Blemish Fighting Face Scrub: £3.99 (Buy here)
This is probably the best scrub I have ever used on my face; it's oil free, contains 100% natural exfoliants and contains salicylic acid! I use it about once or twice a week and it helps keep my skin nice and clear.
What are your favourites for August?
- BeautyGeek123.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

L'oreal The Minerals True Match.

Have you ever felt like liquid foundation is just too much? Too heavy? I know where your coming from.

A few months ago I gave up with liquid foundation all together and decided to opt for the loose mineral kind instead. I really wanted to try the Laura Mercier one, but as I had never tried a mineral foundation before I didn't know if I would like it, and the Laura Mercier stuff is pricey! So when I was in Boot's and I saw that L'oreal have a mineral foundation I had to pick it up. The shade that looked like it would match me the best is D4 golden natural.

The foundation is almost weightless on the skin and looks very natural. While this isn't going to give the same flawless look as Revlon colour stay or MAC studio fix, it still evens out your skin without looking cakey. I really love how convenient the mini kabuki is that comes with the foundation, especially for travelling with.
The minerals true match did last on my skin throughout the day, with minimal touch ups.
Overall this is a really great foundation for everyday, especially as it has SPF15, however I can't say that I will be repurchasing it, purely because I want to try out some other mineral foundations.
You can buy it online here, for £14.99.
- BeautyGeek123.

*Everything mentioned was purchased by me, with my own money.*

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mac Earthly Mineralize Eye shadow.

I recently received the MAC mineralize eye shadow in the shade earthly from the Heavenly Creatures collection, and I thought it was really unique so I decided to do a post on it.

The eye shadow consists on three colours all swirled together; a shimmery gold/copper, a matt brown and an off white. You  can swirl your brush in the shadow to get one colour (swatched above) or you can use each colour individually, which is how I prefer to use it.
The pigmentation of this eyeshadow isn't the best, I would say using an eye primer is a must to make the colours come out more vibrant, however I kind of like it because it makes the shadow more wearable for everyday.
This product has been in my makeup bag since I got it and I have been reaching for it a lot! The shadow contains 1.8g's of product and retails for £16.50.
 It is still available on the MAC website, however this collection did come out a good few weeks ago so i'm not sure how much longer it will be available for.
- BeautyGeek123.

*I received this item in a swap, it is not a pr sample*

Monday, 13 August 2012

Review: GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliners.

Today I will be reviewing the GOSH velvet touch eyeliners.

I have the velvet touch eye liner in two different colours; Bananas - a shimmery champagne/yellow and Golden globe - a shimmery gold.  These are my second favourite liners (first being the 17 liner in onyx), they are great if I want to add a pop of colour to my waterline or if I just don't fancy wearing boring black liner.
The pigmentation if great, longevity/wearing of them is good also and the consistency is really nice and creamy! Overall I would give these a 4.5/5, after all they are only £5 each!
Have you tried these liners? Whats your favourite brand of eyeliner?
- BeautyGeek123.

Monday, 6 August 2012

A £1,250 Moisturiser?

So earlier on I was having a look on the John Lewis website, when I stumbled along this lovely product by Creme de la Mer.

While this does have some good reviews, i'm not sure I would pay the hefty £1,250  price tag for it, even if I did have to money!!!
However, if this product does float your boat then you can buy it here.

How much would you be willing to pay for a moisturiser? £1,250?
- BeautyGeek123.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

July Favourites.

Hello lovlies, today I will be sharing with you the products I have been loving throughout the month of July!

Maybelline dream matte powder: (Buy here)
I brought this powder at the begining of July and have been using it ever since! It is a really great natural powder, I love that I can wear it just with some concealer or with foundation for a higher coverage.

MAC mineralize blush in dainty: (Review here, buy here)
Dainty by MAC is just very (again) natural blush. It is just the perfect pink for everyday, but can also be built up for a more dramatic look for the night time.

Yves Saint Laurent rouge volupte lipstick in number nine,pink caress: (buy here)
I have only had this lipstick for around a week, so its a bit of a cheat, but I have worn it everyday since I got it. Not only do I adore the colour, but the formulation is just great. I have just been putting some onto the middle of my lips and blending it out with my ring finger, for a less bold look.

Revlon lip gloss in forty two, belini: (buy here)
This is the perfect lip gloss for me! I can wear it by itself or over the top of a lipstick, and either way it will look just as great. Its not sticky and the packaging is fab. Also it's drugstore so its under £10!

No 7 moisture drench lipstick in fifty, cameo: (buy here)
This lipstick is yet another pink, very different from my YSL one though. Cameo by No 7 is very blue/purple based, so its great for making your teeth appear whiter. And again its very natural.

Bourjois ultra shine in lime catwalk: (NOTD here, buy here)
I have been looking for a chartreuse nail polish for the best part of 2012, every time I found one it just didn't seem like the right colour. But finally a couple of weeks back I found this! It looks great paired with the next polish!

Bourjois 10 day wear in twenty five: (NOTD here, buy here)
This is a bright pinky coral, great for summer. This polish lasts a long time (i'm not sure about 10 days) and still looks as good as it did when I first put it on.

Kiko nail polish in 292: (buy here)
I love this perfect purple by Kiko and have worn it a lot during July. I brought this polish eight months ago now, and it still hasn't gone gloppy!

Natural Collection mango and papaya body spray: (buy here)
This mango and papaya body spray is a really great fresh scent for freshening up throughout the day. Also its only £2 so it won't break the bank repurchasing it when I run out.

Soap and Glory super eyes eye gel: (buy here)
I love putting this on under my makeup in the morning. It is very refreshing and makes a total difference to the way my under eye area looks.

Dermalogica Clean Start face wash: (buy full size here)
I have had a couple samples of this face wash sitting in my skin care stash for a while now, but it has only been this month I have been using them. It contains salicylic acid, so it's great for problem skin! I also use a few other products from this line and they all work really well together in keeping my skin clear!

That was my July favourites, I hope you enjoyed reading and this post wasn't too long (It has taken me over three hours putting it together)!
- BeautyGeek123 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

TAG: What's In My Bag?

So in today's post I will be showing you all what's in my handbag!
I got my bag from Sainsburys actually for around £15-£20 (I did try to find it online, but it appears you can only get it in store). As you can see it is kinda small so there isn't any room in there for unnecessary junk! I also really love the little bird scarf that came with it, it makes the bag look less plain.
So, on with the contents! I ALWAYS carry some water with me, just to stay hydrated throughout the day. Next I carry a comb, I prefer brushes (because it's easier with my long hair) but there isn't any room in here for a brush, so a comb will just have to do. After that comes my purse, it's just one from River Island (link), its really good quality and a handy size. Then comes my makeup bag. In there I just carry some makeup to touch up with throughout the day and also some paracetamol. I got the bag from Tesco, I know it isn't the best looking one but it does the job, and also it's that material that you can wipe down in case anything spills in my bag. I also like to carry a body spray, the one i'm using at the moment is mango and papaya by Natural Collection.
The last few things I carry is just some type of book to write lists in (I am a big list maker!), a pen, some hair clips, some blotting tissues, some gum, headphones and my sunglasses in their case. I'm not sure where the case is from, i've had it a long time, but you can get the sunglasses here, they are currently on buy one get one free! Another thing that I carry in my bag is a magazine (not pictured), the one I have in there at the moment is the august edition of In Style.
I hoped you enjoyed reading, and I didn't bore you to death, speak to you next time!
- BeautyGeek123.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Review: Collection 2000 Gel Eyeliner In Teal.

Hey hey girls, in this post I will be reviewing gel eyeliner, and it is by Collection 2000. This eyeliner comes in four different shades; brown, black, yellow (gold) and teal. Out of the four shades I decided to go for the teal, as I already own a black gel eyeliner and I thought that the teal would be a fun pop of colour for the summer!
The swatches come up more blue than teal on camera, sorry.

So, the product itself comes in a small box, which gives you some tips on how to apply the liner. Great if gel liners (or makeup in general) is new to you! It also includes a small brush, which is of pretty good quality, however the handle on the brush is so small it makes it an impossible job to use! Therefore I would recommend using your own eyeliner brush, my fave is the UBU number 34 brush.
This claims to last 12 hours i'm not sure about 12, but it will stay on all day with very minimal/no creasing.
The pigmentation is quite impressive for a drugstore gel eyeliner, and the texture is kind of creamy. The main let down to this would have to be the packaging, I like how it comes in the box but, the actual jar is very plain and only includes the brand name, not even the colour! Another down side to this product is the price, it retails for £4.99. Now I know that's a really great price for a drugstore eyeliner, but for Collection 2000 that's kinda pricey!
Overall I think this deserves a 4/5, to improve it could have better packaging.
Hope you all enjoyed reading, and i'll speak to you all next time!
- BeautyGeek123.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer NOTD.

Hi everyone, today i'm going to be sharing with you all a NOTD, short for known as nail of the day.

Nail polishes (Left to Right): Lime catwalk number 38 and colour number 25.

So the other day I caved in and brought these two polishes from Bourjois, after eyeing the up for the last two months. There both really bright gorgeous colours, perfect for summer!
Hope you enjoyed reading and I'll speak to you all next time!
- BeautyGeek123.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tutorial: Pretty In Purple.

Hi guys, today I am going to be doing my first tutorial type of Post on my blog. I am going to be showing you all how to rock purple eye shadows, the simple way. So let's begin...

Step One: Apply a base. I am using a purple base, just because it's a little easier, but if you don't already own one then any skin coloured primer/base will do.
Step Two: Apply a purple eyeshadow over the top of your base. Also bring some shadow down onto your lower lash line, only taking it about 1/3 of the way in.
Step Three: Take a darker purple or a matt black into your crease. Then take a lighter purple or an off white shadow and pack it into your inner corner. By doing this step you are just going to add definition to your eye and brightening it. If you have small eyes adding a lighter colour in your inner corner is key!
Step Four: Add some black eyeliner (optional), then some black mascara.
And that's it!

Products used:
Topshop cream eyeshadow in velvet.
GOSH glamorous eyeshadow in violet.
Urban decay black out.
Collection 2000 colour intense trio in fondant fancy (the middle colour).
17 eyeliner in onyx.
Maybelline one by one mascara in extra black.

Hope you all enjoyed reading and if there is any more tutorials you would like me to do then let me know!
- BeautyGeek123.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Review: MUA Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.

Hi guys, in this post I'm going to be reviewing MUA's waterproof liquid eyeliner in black. I brought this eyeliner about two weeks ago now and have worn it a enough times to be able to review it!

There are many great quality's to this eyeliner, but the main ones are; you can achieve a thick or thin line, its ultra black, long wearing and its only £1!!!
However there are some bad quality's to the eyeliner as well; it's not that waterproof, the brush is  kinda rubbish and you have to leave it for about a minute to dry (as with any other liquid eyeliner).
Overall this is a great eyeliner, especially with taking the price into consideration, I wouldn't recommend this to beginners as felt tip eyeliners are wayyyyyy easier! I do like this product and I will use it but, however I won't be repurchasing it.
Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a good day :)
- BeautyGeek123.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

TAG: The 40 Beauty Questions.

Hi guys, in this post i'm going to be doing a tag. I wasn't tagged by anyone to do it, but I haven't ever done a tag on my blog and I just thought that it would be a little different to my usual posts.

Q1: How many times a day do you wash your face? Normally once (in the evening) and then I will just freshen up with some cleansing wipes.
Q2: What type of skin do you have? Well, I have combo skin (as I sometimes get dry patches) but for the most part its oily.
Q3: Whats your current face wash? The Neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash.
Q4: Do you exfoliate? Yes.
Q5: What brand do you use? I have two that I like; The Neutrogena pink grapefruit daily face scrub and the St. Ives one.
Q6: What moisturiser do you use? The clean start Dermalogica welcome matte (SPF15).
Q7: Do you have freckles? No :(
Q8: Do you use eye cream? Nope, but I do have an eye gel I like to use every now and then.
Q9:  Do you/did you ever have acne prone skin? Well I do brake out sometimes, but i'm not sure if you would consider it acne.
Q10: Did you ever have to use Pro-active? No.

Q11: What foundation do you use? I don't really ever wear liquid foundation anymore (only when i'm going out, like to a party or something and then I will use Revlon colour stay), but for everyday I only wear a powder.
Q12: How about concealer? For under the eyes I like Benefit boi-ing or a tinted eye roll on, and for blemishes I like Collection (2000) stick concealer.
Q13: Do you know your undertone colour? Yes I do, it is yellow.
Q14: What do you think about fake eyelashes? I think they can look really pretty when their applied right and I do wear them to special occasions myself.
Q15: Did you know that your supposed to change your mascara every three months? Yes I did.
Q16: What brand of mascara do you use? I really like Maybelline for mascara.
Q17: Sephora or MAC? Well I'd have to say MAC because we don't have Sephora in England.
Q18: Do you have a MAC pro card? No.
Q20: What makeup tools do you use in makeup application? Brushes and an eyelash curler.
Q21: Do you use a makeup base/primer for the eyes? I don't really wear eye makeup (besides mascara) a lot, but when I do I sometimes use one of the Maybelline colour tattoo's.
Q22: For the face? No, but my moisturizer does have oil controllers in it.
Q23: What is your favourite eyeshadow (colour and shade)? As I said I like the Maybelline colour tattoo's and I really like the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. My fave shades from that are verve, pistol, suspect, half baked and YUK.
Q24: Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner? Both, I like felt tip liners for my upper lash line, and pencil anywhere else.
Q25: How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? Um... never, but I do do it a lot with mascara!
Q26: What do you think for pigment eyeshadow? They can be really pretty, but they can end up in  such a mess.
Q27: Do you use mineral makeup? I have a loose mineral foundation that I really like.
Q28: Whats your favourite lipstick? I don't have just one, but I really like MUA shade 13 and I also like 17 bee hive.
Q29: How about lipgoss? Again, I don't have just one, but I really love my Dior kiss snow cherry one (that's been discontinued :() and also Revlon belini is pretty.
Q30: What is your favourite blush to use? MAC Dainty.
Q31: Do you buy makeup on eBay? No, just because most of it is fake (and it's really hard to tell a fake from a genuine) and also they can contain bad ingredients.
Q32: Do you like drugstore makeup? YES!!!
Q33: Do you go to CCO's? I don't think we have those in England.
Q34: Have you ever considered taking makeup classes? I did take one in school before, but YT taught me a lot more!
Q35: Are you clumsy in putting on makeup? Not really, but everyone makes mistakes.
Q36: Name a makeup crime that you have? Spidery lashes.
Q37: Do you like colourful makeup? On me I prefer natural colours, but recently I have been trying to add pops of colour here and there.
Q38: Which celebrity always has great makeup? Defiantly the Kardashians, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry!
Q39: If you could leave the house using one one makeup item what would it be? Either Mascara or Powder.
Q40: Do you think you look good without makeup on? I don't think I look that different from when i'm wearing makeup to when i'm not. I guess I think I look okay.

I tag everyone to do the 40 beauty questions, and if there are any more tag's you would like me to do then leave a comment! Hope you are all enjoying your day and this beautiful weather in England!
- BeautyGeek123