Wednesday, 22 August 2012

L'oreal The Minerals True Match.

Have you ever felt like liquid foundation is just too much? Too heavy? I know where your coming from.

A few months ago I gave up with liquid foundation all together and decided to opt for the loose mineral kind instead. I really wanted to try the Laura Mercier one, but as I had never tried a mineral foundation before I didn't know if I would like it, and the Laura Mercier stuff is pricey! So when I was in Boot's and I saw that L'oreal have a mineral foundation I had to pick it up. The shade that looked like it would match me the best is D4 golden natural.

The foundation is almost weightless on the skin and looks very natural. While this isn't going to give the same flawless look as Revlon colour stay or MAC studio fix, it still evens out your skin without looking cakey. I really love how convenient the mini kabuki is that comes with the foundation, especially for travelling with.
The minerals true match did last on my skin throughout the day, with minimal touch ups.
Overall this is a really great foundation for everyday, especially as it has SPF15, however I can't say that I will be repurchasing it, purely because I want to try out some other mineral foundations.
You can buy it online here, for £14.99.
- BeautyGeek123.

*Everything mentioned was purchased by me, with my own money.*

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mac Earthly Mineralize Eye shadow.

I recently received the MAC mineralize eye shadow in the shade earthly from the Heavenly Creatures collection, and I thought it was really unique so I decided to do a post on it.

The eye shadow consists on three colours all swirled together; a shimmery gold/copper, a matt brown and an off white. You  can swirl your brush in the shadow to get one colour (swatched above) or you can use each colour individually, which is how I prefer to use it.
The pigmentation of this eyeshadow isn't the best, I would say using an eye primer is a must to make the colours come out more vibrant, however I kind of like it because it makes the shadow more wearable for everyday.
This product has been in my makeup bag since I got it and I have been reaching for it a lot! The shadow contains 1.8g's of product and retails for £16.50.
 It is still available on the MAC website, however this collection did come out a good few weeks ago so i'm not sure how much longer it will be available for.
- BeautyGeek123.

*I received this item in a swap, it is not a pr sample*

Monday, 13 August 2012

Review: GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliners.

Today I will be reviewing the GOSH velvet touch eyeliners.

I have the velvet touch eye liner in two different colours; Bananas - a shimmery champagne/yellow and Golden globe - a shimmery gold.  These are my second favourite liners (first being the 17 liner in onyx), they are great if I want to add a pop of colour to my waterline or if I just don't fancy wearing boring black liner.
The pigmentation if great, longevity/wearing of them is good also and the consistency is really nice and creamy! Overall I would give these a 4.5/5, after all they are only £5 each!
Have you tried these liners? Whats your favourite brand of eyeliner?
- BeautyGeek123.

Monday, 6 August 2012

A £1,250 Moisturiser?

So earlier on I was having a look on the John Lewis website, when I stumbled along this lovely product by Creme de la Mer.

While this does have some good reviews, i'm not sure I would pay the hefty £1,250  price tag for it, even if I did have to money!!!
However, if this product does float your boat then you can buy it here.

How much would you be willing to pay for a moisturiser? £1,250?
- BeautyGeek123.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

July Favourites.

Hello lovlies, today I will be sharing with you the products I have been loving throughout the month of July!

Maybelline dream matte powder: (Buy here)
I brought this powder at the begining of July and have been using it ever since! It is a really great natural powder, I love that I can wear it just with some concealer or with foundation for a higher coverage.

MAC mineralize blush in dainty: (Review here, buy here)
Dainty by MAC is just very (again) natural blush. It is just the perfect pink for everyday, but can also be built up for a more dramatic look for the night time.

Yves Saint Laurent rouge volupte lipstick in number nine,pink caress: (buy here)
I have only had this lipstick for around a week, so its a bit of a cheat, but I have worn it everyday since I got it. Not only do I adore the colour, but the formulation is just great. I have just been putting some onto the middle of my lips and blending it out with my ring finger, for a less bold look.

Revlon lip gloss in forty two, belini: (buy here)
This is the perfect lip gloss for me! I can wear it by itself or over the top of a lipstick, and either way it will look just as great. Its not sticky and the packaging is fab. Also it's drugstore so its under £10!

No 7 moisture drench lipstick in fifty, cameo: (buy here)
This lipstick is yet another pink, very different from my YSL one though. Cameo by No 7 is very blue/purple based, so its great for making your teeth appear whiter. And again its very natural.

Bourjois ultra shine in lime catwalk: (NOTD here, buy here)
I have been looking for a chartreuse nail polish for the best part of 2012, every time I found one it just didn't seem like the right colour. But finally a couple of weeks back I found this! It looks great paired with the next polish!

Bourjois 10 day wear in twenty five: (NOTD here, buy here)
This is a bright pinky coral, great for summer. This polish lasts a long time (i'm not sure about 10 days) and still looks as good as it did when I first put it on.

Kiko nail polish in 292: (buy here)
I love this perfect purple by Kiko and have worn it a lot during July. I brought this polish eight months ago now, and it still hasn't gone gloppy!

Natural Collection mango and papaya body spray: (buy here)
This mango and papaya body spray is a really great fresh scent for freshening up throughout the day. Also its only £2 so it won't break the bank repurchasing it when I run out.

Soap and Glory super eyes eye gel: (buy here)
I love putting this on under my makeup in the morning. It is very refreshing and makes a total difference to the way my under eye area looks.

Dermalogica Clean Start face wash: (buy full size here)
I have had a couple samples of this face wash sitting in my skin care stash for a while now, but it has only been this month I have been using them. It contains salicylic acid, so it's great for problem skin! I also use a few other products from this line and they all work really well together in keeping my skin clear!

That was my July favourites, I hope you enjoyed reading and this post wasn't too long (It has taken me over three hours putting it together)!
- BeautyGeek123 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

TAG: What's In My Bag?

So in today's post I will be showing you all what's in my handbag!
I got my bag from Sainsburys actually for around £15-£20 (I did try to find it online, but it appears you can only get it in store). As you can see it is kinda small so there isn't any room in there for unnecessary junk! I also really love the little bird scarf that came with it, it makes the bag look less plain.
So, on with the contents! I ALWAYS carry some water with me, just to stay hydrated throughout the day. Next I carry a comb, I prefer brushes (because it's easier with my long hair) but there isn't any room in here for a brush, so a comb will just have to do. After that comes my purse, it's just one from River Island (link), its really good quality and a handy size. Then comes my makeup bag. In there I just carry some makeup to touch up with throughout the day and also some paracetamol. I got the bag from Tesco, I know it isn't the best looking one but it does the job, and also it's that material that you can wipe down in case anything spills in my bag. I also like to carry a body spray, the one i'm using at the moment is mango and papaya by Natural Collection.
The last few things I carry is just some type of book to write lists in (I am a big list maker!), a pen, some hair clips, some blotting tissues, some gum, headphones and my sunglasses in their case. I'm not sure where the case is from, i've had it a long time, but you can get the sunglasses here, they are currently on buy one get one free! Another thing that I carry in my bag is a magazine (not pictured), the one I have in there at the moment is the august edition of In Style.
I hoped you enjoyed reading, and I didn't bore you to death, speak to you next time!
- BeautyGeek123.