Thursday, 2 August 2012

TAG: What's In My Bag?

So in today's post I will be showing you all what's in my handbag!
I got my bag from Sainsburys actually for around £15-£20 (I did try to find it online, but it appears you can only get it in store). As you can see it is kinda small so there isn't any room in there for unnecessary junk! I also really love the little bird scarf that came with it, it makes the bag look less plain.
So, on with the contents! I ALWAYS carry some water with me, just to stay hydrated throughout the day. Next I carry a comb, I prefer brushes (because it's easier with my long hair) but there isn't any room in here for a brush, so a comb will just have to do. After that comes my purse, it's just one from River Island (link), its really good quality and a handy size. Then comes my makeup bag. In there I just carry some makeup to touch up with throughout the day and also some paracetamol. I got the bag from Tesco, I know it isn't the best looking one but it does the job, and also it's that material that you can wipe down in case anything spills in my bag. I also like to carry a body spray, the one i'm using at the moment is mango and papaya by Natural Collection.
The last few things I carry is just some type of book to write lists in (I am a big list maker!), a pen, some hair clips, some blotting tissues, some gum, headphones and my sunglasses in their case. I'm not sure where the case is from, i've had it a long time, but you can get the sunglasses here, they are currently on buy one get one free! Another thing that I carry in my bag is a magazine (not pictured), the one I have in there at the moment is the august edition of In Style.
I hoped you enjoyed reading, and I didn't bore you to death, speak to you next time!
- BeautyGeek123.

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