Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Review: Collection 2000 Gel Eyeliner In Teal.

Hey hey girls, in this post I will be reviewing gel eyeliner, and it is by Collection 2000. This eyeliner comes in four different shades; brown, black, yellow (gold) and teal. Out of the four shades I decided to go for the teal, as I already own a black gel eyeliner and I thought that the teal would be a fun pop of colour for the summer!
The swatches come up more blue than teal on camera, sorry.

So, the product itself comes in a small box, which gives you some tips on how to apply the liner. Great if gel liners (or makeup in general) is new to you! It also includes a small brush, which is of pretty good quality, however the handle on the brush is so small it makes it an impossible job to use! Therefore I would recommend using your own eyeliner brush, my fave is the UBU number 34 brush.
This claims to last 12 hours i'm not sure about 12, but it will stay on all day with very minimal/no creasing.
The pigmentation is quite impressive for a drugstore gel eyeliner, and the texture is kind of creamy. The main let down to this would have to be the packaging, I like how it comes in the box but, the actual jar is very plain and only includes the brand name, not even the colour! Another down side to this product is the price, it retails for £4.99. Now I know that's a really great price for a drugstore eyeliner, but for Collection 2000 that's kinda pricey!
Overall I think this deserves a 4/5, to improve it could have better packaging.
Hope you all enjoyed reading, and i'll speak to you all next time!
- BeautyGeek123.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer NOTD.

Hi everyone, today i'm going to be sharing with you all a NOTD, short for known as nail of the day.

Nail polishes (Left to Right): Lime catwalk number 38 and colour number 25.

So the other day I caved in and brought these two polishes from Bourjois, after eyeing the up for the last two months. There both really bright gorgeous colours, perfect for summer!
Hope you enjoyed reading and I'll speak to you all next time!
- BeautyGeek123.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tutorial: Pretty In Purple.

Hi guys, today I am going to be doing my first tutorial type of Post on my blog. I am going to be showing you all how to rock purple eye shadows, the simple way. So let's begin...

Step One: Apply a base. I am using a purple base, just because it's a little easier, but if you don't already own one then any skin coloured primer/base will do.
Step Two: Apply a purple eyeshadow over the top of your base. Also bring some shadow down onto your lower lash line, only taking it about 1/3 of the way in.
Step Three: Take a darker purple or a matt black into your crease. Then take a lighter purple or an off white shadow and pack it into your inner corner. By doing this step you are just going to add definition to your eye and brightening it. If you have small eyes adding a lighter colour in your inner corner is key!
Step Four: Add some black eyeliner (optional), then some black mascara.
And that's it!

Products used:
Topshop cream eyeshadow in velvet.
GOSH glamorous eyeshadow in violet.
Urban decay black out.
Collection 2000 colour intense trio in fondant fancy (the middle colour).
17 eyeliner in onyx.
Maybelline one by one mascara in extra black.

Hope you all enjoyed reading and if there is any more tutorials you would like me to do then let me know!
- BeautyGeek123.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Review: MUA Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.

Hi guys, in this post I'm going to be reviewing MUA's waterproof liquid eyeliner in black. I brought this eyeliner about two weeks ago now and have worn it a enough times to be able to review it!

There are many great quality's to this eyeliner, but the main ones are; you can achieve a thick or thin line, its ultra black, long wearing and its only £1!!!
However there are some bad quality's to the eyeliner as well; it's not that waterproof, the brush is  kinda rubbish and you have to leave it for about a minute to dry (as with any other liquid eyeliner).
Overall this is a great eyeliner, especially with taking the price into consideration, I wouldn't recommend this to beginners as felt tip eyeliners are wayyyyyy easier! I do like this product and I will use it but, however I won't be repurchasing it.
Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a good day :)
- BeautyGeek123.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

TAG: The 40 Beauty Questions.

Hi guys, in this post i'm going to be doing a tag. I wasn't tagged by anyone to do it, but I haven't ever done a tag on my blog and I just thought that it would be a little different to my usual posts.

Q1: How many times a day do you wash your face? Normally once (in the evening) and then I will just freshen up with some cleansing wipes.
Q2: What type of skin do you have? Well, I have combo skin (as I sometimes get dry patches) but for the most part its oily.
Q3: Whats your current face wash? The Neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash.
Q4: Do you exfoliate? Yes.
Q5: What brand do you use? I have two that I like; The Neutrogena pink grapefruit daily face scrub and the St. Ives one.
Q6: What moisturiser do you use? The clean start Dermalogica welcome matte (SPF15).
Q7: Do you have freckles? No :(
Q8: Do you use eye cream? Nope, but I do have an eye gel I like to use every now and then.
Q9:  Do you/did you ever have acne prone skin? Well I do brake out sometimes, but i'm not sure if you would consider it acne.
Q10: Did you ever have to use Pro-active? No.

Q11: What foundation do you use? I don't really ever wear liquid foundation anymore (only when i'm going out, like to a party or something and then I will use Revlon colour stay), but for everyday I only wear a powder.
Q12: How about concealer? For under the eyes I like Benefit boi-ing or a tinted eye roll on, and for blemishes I like Collection (2000) stick concealer.
Q13: Do you know your undertone colour? Yes I do, it is yellow.
Q14: What do you think about fake eyelashes? I think they can look really pretty when their applied right and I do wear them to special occasions myself.
Q15: Did you know that your supposed to change your mascara every three months? Yes I did.
Q16: What brand of mascara do you use? I really like Maybelline for mascara.
Q17: Sephora or MAC? Well I'd have to say MAC because we don't have Sephora in England.
Q18: Do you have a MAC pro card? No.
Q20: What makeup tools do you use in makeup application? Brushes and an eyelash curler.
Q21: Do you use a makeup base/primer for the eyes? I don't really wear eye makeup (besides mascara) a lot, but when I do I sometimes use one of the Maybelline colour tattoo's.
Q22: For the face? No, but my moisturizer does have oil controllers in it.
Q23: What is your favourite eyeshadow (colour and shade)? As I said I like the Maybelline colour tattoo's and I really like the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. My fave shades from that are verve, pistol, suspect, half baked and YUK.
Q24: Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner? Both, I like felt tip liners for my upper lash line, and pencil anywhere else.
Q25: How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? Um... never, but I do do it a lot with mascara!
Q26: What do you think for pigment eyeshadow? They can be really pretty, but they can end up in  such a mess.
Q27: Do you use mineral makeup? I have a loose mineral foundation that I really like.
Q28: Whats your favourite lipstick? I don't have just one, but I really like MUA shade 13 and I also like 17 bee hive.
Q29: How about lipgoss? Again, I don't have just one, but I really love my Dior kiss snow cherry one (that's been discontinued :() and also Revlon belini is pretty.
Q30: What is your favourite blush to use? MAC Dainty.
Q31: Do you buy makeup on eBay? No, just because most of it is fake (and it's really hard to tell a fake from a genuine) and also they can contain bad ingredients.
Q32: Do you like drugstore makeup? YES!!!
Q33: Do you go to CCO's? I don't think we have those in England.
Q34: Have you ever considered taking makeup classes? I did take one in school before, but YT taught me a lot more!
Q35: Are you clumsy in putting on makeup? Not really, but everyone makes mistakes.
Q36: Name a makeup crime that you have? Spidery lashes.
Q37: Do you like colourful makeup? On me I prefer natural colours, but recently I have been trying to add pops of colour here and there.
Q38: Which celebrity always has great makeup? Defiantly the Kardashians, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry!
Q39: If you could leave the house using one one makeup item what would it be? Either Mascara or Powder.
Q40: Do you think you look good without makeup on? I don't think I look that different from when i'm wearing makeup to when i'm not. I guess I think I look okay.

I tag everyone to do the 40 beauty questions, and if there are any more tag's you would like me to do then leave a comment! Hope you are all enjoying your day and this beautiful weather in England!
- BeautyGeek123

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Review: MAC Dainty Mineralize Blush.

Holla amigo's, today i'm going to be reviewing my all time favourite blush... MAC's dainty mineralize blush.

Here is the blush, its a true pink with a faint gold glitter in it. Now I don't like glitter in my blushes, however the glitter in this isn't really noticeable. I wear this blush everyday, as it gives you a really nice and natural flush of colour to your cheeks.

The blush has a good amount of pigmentation. As for the brush I use to apply it, I like the spoilt rotten powder brush. Also the product has a domed shape, as it is baked, therefore you would expect it to have more product than the regular blushes. But oh no my friends, in the mineralized blushes you get 3.5g and in the regular blushes you get 6g of product.

Now onto price, it retails for £19 and can be found on the MAC website (link), or anywhere else that carrys MAC. I hope you enjoyed this review and that you are all having a great day!
Whats you favourite MAC blush?
- BeautyGeeek123

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain In Honey.

Hi everyone, today I am going to be reviewing another one of my favourite lip products. This time its a balm stain by Revlon, in the shade 001 Honey. In the tube this colour looks like its the lightest shade out of all of them, however when applyed to the lips it can actully be quite dark, depending on how you applying. You can get a sheer natural colour if you blend it out with your finger, or you can get a darked more pigmented colour if you apply it straight from the bullet to your lips.

Nun the less, this is a really great lip product. I really love how it has a pointed tip, making it easy to line your lips and fill them in, with a really glossy moisturising finish all in one go. So, really its like getting three jobs done in one simple step. I also found that it was long lasting and the colour didn't bleed, smeer or go onto my teeth.
Overall I really love this, and will deffinatley be purchasing more colours. This product retails for £7.99, but currently has £2 off as part of an intoductry offer at Superdrugs. So while this might not be as cheap as some other lip products at the drugstore, you are saving yourself money as your techniquley getting three lip products for eight quid.
I hope you all had a great day and enjoyed reading this post, speak next time,
- BeautyGeek123

Monday, 16 July 2012

Review: MUA Lipstick Shade 13.

Hello everyone, today I'm going to be reviewing one of my favourite lipsticks of all time, (now that is saying something!). I do have quite a big lippy collection, a girl can NEVER own too many, but I have to say that this is in my top 3!
This lipstick does get a little bit of attention in the blogger/youtuber world, but no where near as much as it deserves. So you may all be thinking 'just get on with it, what lipstick is it?' well, I can tell you my friends it is MUA shade 13... a classic red.

Now, I do usually stay away from the reds, and steer more towards the pinks, simply because most reds make my teeth look yellow, and let me tell you now that that is NOT an attractive look! However, this lipstick doesn't make me teeth appear yellow at all, in fact I would even go as far as saying it makes my teeth look whiter. Overall it is really pigmented lippy, a great colour and the packaging isn't too bad either. O, and I ought to mention that it is only £1, barginous.
Hope you are all well and enjoyed this post, have a good day,
- BeautyGeek123.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Where have you been?

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't been around much lately and have only been posting once or twice a week. I have just been really busy with school work and family. But, the good news is that I break up from school on the 20th, so do be expecting a lot more posts over the summer holidays! Have you already broken up from school yet? What have you all been up to? Also please do leave a comment or tweet me post ideas!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Favourites.

Hey guys, today i'm going to be blogging about my june faveourites.
I don't really have that many favourites for this month, but I still want to post about them!
You may reconise a few of the items from my recent haul, I only got a chance to post that haul the other day, I have not only owned these things for a few days.
I have really really been enjoying using my Naked 2 eyeshadows from Urban Decay. In particular I really like the look of Verve all over the lid and then Pistol in the crease.
Also from Urban Decay I have really been loving the lip junkie (lip gloss) in naked, which is just a mini that come with the eyeshadow palette, but I will deffinatley be purchasing the full size when I run out!
I have been big on lip gloss this month, and another one I have found myself reaching for a lot is the slightly more expensive (but toatlly worth it) Dior Kiss lip gloss in snow cherry. Sadly it has been discontinued, so if any of you know where I may be able to buy it then please let me know as it is my all time favourite.
On the more affordable end of the scale, I have been loving  (how many times have I said that word in this post?) wearing my Miss Sporty so clear pressed powder with the Collection 2000 stick concealer in number 14 honey baige. I think that the combination of the two, without foundation, looks really nice and fresh faced. The powder dosen't cake at all no matter how much I put on, also it doesn't make me look matt, which I am a huge fan of!
Lastly I have been using the Rimmel nail hardner from their nail care range. I always have to have some sort of polish on my nails, even if it's just a clear, I just can not stand the feel of my nails without polish on, it drives me crazy! Recently I have been trying to get my short weak nails longer and stronger. So I haven't been wearing any coloured polish, only the Rimmel nail hardner!
Hope you enjoyed reading my favourites, what are yours?
- BeautyGeek123