Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tutorial: Pretty In Purple.

Hi guys, today I am going to be doing my first tutorial type of Post on my blog. I am going to be showing you all how to rock purple eye shadows, the simple way. So let's begin...

Step One: Apply a base. I am using a purple base, just because it's a little easier, but if you don't already own one then any skin coloured primer/base will do.
Step Two: Apply a purple eyeshadow over the top of your base. Also bring some shadow down onto your lower lash line, only taking it about 1/3 of the way in.
Step Three: Take a darker purple or a matt black into your crease. Then take a lighter purple or an off white shadow and pack it into your inner corner. By doing this step you are just going to add definition to your eye and brightening it. If you have small eyes adding a lighter colour in your inner corner is key!
Step Four: Add some black eyeliner (optional), then some black mascara.
And that's it!

Products used:
Topshop cream eyeshadow in velvet.
GOSH glamorous eyeshadow in violet.
Urban decay black out.
Collection 2000 colour intense trio in fondant fancy (the middle colour).
17 eyeliner in onyx.
Maybelline one by one mascara in extra black.

Hope you all enjoyed reading and if there is any more tutorials you would like me to do then let me know!
- BeautyGeek123.


  1. We just discovered your blog and love it so much that we gave you an award! Check out our blog to find out what you won. Congrats :)

    Kendall & Tiana

  2. Gorgeous! Lovely colour. I love your blog! Check out mine?

    Sophie xx

    1. Thank you, and I deffinatley will take a look at your blog. xo