Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Review: Collection 2000 Gel Eyeliner In Teal.

Hey hey girls, in this post I will be reviewing gel eyeliner, and it is by Collection 2000. This eyeliner comes in four different shades; brown, black, yellow (gold) and teal. Out of the four shades I decided to go for the teal, as I already own a black gel eyeliner and I thought that the teal would be a fun pop of colour for the summer!
The swatches come up more blue than teal on camera, sorry.

So, the product itself comes in a small box, which gives you some tips on how to apply the liner. Great if gel liners (or makeup in general) is new to you! It also includes a small brush, which is of pretty good quality, however the handle on the brush is so small it makes it an impossible job to use! Therefore I would recommend using your own eyeliner brush, my fave is the UBU number 34 brush.
This claims to last 12 hours i'm not sure about 12, but it will stay on all day with very minimal/no creasing.
The pigmentation is quite impressive for a drugstore gel eyeliner, and the texture is kind of creamy. The main let down to this would have to be the packaging, I like how it comes in the box but, the actual jar is very plain and only includes the brand name, not even the colour! Another down side to this product is the price, it retails for £4.99. Now I know that's a really great price for a drugstore eyeliner, but for Collection 2000 that's kinda pricey!
Overall I think this deserves a 4/5, to improve it could have better packaging.
Hope you all enjoyed reading, and i'll speak to you all next time!
- BeautyGeek123.


  1. Hi chick! I was gonna try this product too but I also feel that for a "drugstore" brand it is a little expensive..

    www.makeuplinzz.blogspot.com < my blog :)x

    1. Hey, thats totally what I was thinking aswell but the colour is unique for a drugstore eyeliner. I am glad I got it though and it is worth the money. I will check out your blog aswell! xoxo

  2. Hey, love your blog, new follower! I saw these in Superdrug this morning, but didn't know if I should try them or not. I think I will go back and pick one up now! Thanks for the review,

    Bex x


    1. Hi, thanks very much. They are really great, good to know that I encourage people to buy things lol :) xoxo

  3. I got mine last week as there's £1 off in Superdrug: I love it! The texture, colour (green) and brush are better than the price would lead you to believe: I'm tempted to go back for black now! :)