Friday, 18 May 2012

Arm Candy!

Hello guys, in this post I'm going to be sharing with you some of my favourite arm candy.

In the summer I really love layering/stacking bracelets, I just think that it looks boho, like some of the pictures on tumblr. I don't have specific bracelets that I wear but these are the ones I been wearing the most lately.

On the left arm, I have this purple wrap bracelet that I got from Primark for like £2 last year (but I have seen a similar design to this in their this season), then I have a hamsa hand brown beaded bracelet that I got from River Island. Then just to top it off I added a couple random beaded bracelets.

And on the right arm, a leather bracelet that I got when I was on holiday, but my friend has a similar one (not personalised) that she got from Primark, a black and silver threaded bracelet that I purchased from a local boutique and finally I wore this pink and gold bracelet that I found at H&M for really cheap, and it comes in a bunch of different colours!!!

Whats some of  your favourite arm candy? Twetet me pics on Twitter, @beautygeek123. Hope you enjoyed this short (and hopefully not too boring) post. Hope your having a good day, speak soon
- BeautyGeek123

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