Saturday, 26 May 2012


Hiya guys, the last week or so I've brought a fair few beauty products, so I thought id just show you all in a haul :)

Earlier this week I was looking on Elena's (love212) blog sale, and I treated my self to a Butter London nail polish in HRH, its a really pretty purple colour with a silver pearl/sheen to it. I also got a Revlon lip butter from Elena's blog sale, in the colour Peach Parfait. All of the stuff she is selling on her blog sale is brand new and at really great prices!
If you saw my mini nail polish haul then you would know that I brought some of the NYC expert wear nail polishes. Well, I tried them out and I really liked them, so I went back and brought another one. A glitter one this time, in the colour gramercy glitz.
Also this week I ordered Benefit's boi-ing concealer (shade one) from Demenhams. They have free delivery on at the moment and 10% off makeup!!!

And then lastly I picked up two Charles Worthington hair care products from Superdrug. I do really like the brand, but I just find that it can be abit hit and miss weather I'm going to like their products. Anyway, I got their salon finish heat defence spray (because I ran out of my TRESemme one) and their dry shampoo.
Hope you enjoyed, and hope you all had a fab day out in the sun!!!
- BeautyGeek123

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