Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How To: Organise You Wardrobe/Closet.

Hello guys, in this post I'm going to be sharing with you a few tips I have on how to keep your wardrobe organised. Of course everyone has their own personal preference of how they like to organised things, but I think these tips can be altered to everyone specific needs.

Here is what my wardrobe looks like inside.

Obviously you don't have the exact same clothes as me, but you can still follow the same steps I do.
So, I like to put any school clothes first, then next I put my jackets, coats and blazers. Then I put my cardigans going from big chunky knit ones to more thinner light weight summer cardigans.
Next comes tops, long ones first, then short/caped sleeve ones then last I like to put strap tops (not vest tops, I have a separate draw for those). After that I put all my jeans (boring). Lastly, (the most fun part, in my opinion) I put all my fancier clothes, so all my blouses, dresses, shorts and skirts.

The middle section.

In the middle section of my wardrobe I like to put all my charity t-shirts, jean shorts, more cardigans and just generally tops that I don't wear that often (but don't want to chuck out).

Bottom section.

And lastly in the bottom section I store all my shoes, that I only keep some what tidy. So, high heels to one side, sandals/flip flops to the other and then boots at the back.

Here is what my wardrobe looks like from the outside.

Key Tips:
- Either organise by colour or by item.
- If you don't wear something that much then fold it up and store it in the middle section (If you wardrobe has one).
- Make sure that all your hangers are facing the same way, may sound a little silly, but otherwise they take up more room then needed.
- And remember if you don't wear something any more, then go and donate it to your local charity shop.

Hope you enjoyed, and hope you all had a fabulous day! speak soon,
- BeautyGeek123

P.S- incase you was woundering my wardrobe is from Ikea, I got it a few years back but I believe they still stock it.


  1. I think I have the same blazer as you! :)

    I like to organise my wardrobe in two main sections - smart and casual. Then I have four mid sections - trousers, hoodies, bags & shoes. xo