Sunday, 13 May 2012


Hello everyone (again), im going to be sharing with you the nails im wearing today and will be wearing for the next couple days.

My left hand...

and my right hand.

So all I done was is paint my middle finger, ring finer and thumb one colour and, my index and pinky another. Also just to add abit more of a girly touch to it I put a glitter opolish over the top on my ring finger on each hand.

From left to right: Barry M nail paint in berry ice cream (featured in my current drugstore favourites), OPI's ate berries in the cannaries, and on my ring finger i used this glittery polish from miss sporty (aslo featured in my current drugstore favourites).

This look is very girly but also kinda edgy at the same time, you can recreate this look using any two nail polishes (that compliment eachother) and a simple glitter polish, that just about every brand sells.

Thanks for reading and i hope you had a good day/night.
P.s - im going to be trying to post as many posts as i can (as im new to blogging), but i think im going to try and post at least once every second day. But hopefully everyday, it just depends how much school work I have to do.

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