Sunday, 20 May 2012

Review: Elegant Touch Rapid Dry For Nails.

Hello everyone, today I'm going to be reviewing elegant touch rapid dry for nails (spray).

When I was in Tescos a couple of weeks back I saw this product and I just thought that it would be perfect for me, as I'm always in a rush and never really have the time to just sit down and paint my nails properly.

 However, after the first use I noticed a problem. It leaves a kind of a oily residue on the nails, and it doesn't really dry the nail polish any quicker than it would dry without it. Having said that I do still use the drying spray, but I wont be repurchasing it and I don't really recommend it. Save your £3.00 that this product costs, and buy a new nail polish instead.

What do you think of this nail drying spray?
- BeautyGeek123

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