Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Review: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.

Hello everyone, in this post im going to be reviewing Rimmel's (very hyped) wake me up foundation.
Hope you enjoy.

I brought this foundation about two weeks ago, and I think I have had the right amount of time to try out this foundation, and get my opinion on it.

The first thing I want to say about this foundation, is that it does have very fine sprakes in it, that are impossible to show up on camera but they are there!

I own the shade 100 Ivory, and I do have to say that it is abit too pink for me, but nothing too noticable. As I have stated before I do have oily skin, which is why I didnt try this foundation when it first come out, but I just finailly cracked and brought it. I was slightly skeptial about the whole glitter on my oliy skin but any how ive been trying an the glitter really isint noticeable so dont let that steer youy away from this foundation.
As you can see in the picture above this foundation does have a pump (which is always a plus) and it also comes in a glass bottle!!! What more could you ask for? Espicaly as it is only £8.99. Also this foundation has SPF 15 wich is always great!

As you can see, none of the shades are partically yellow based, however their not too pink based either.
The staying power of this foundation is pretty good, I use it along side Rimmel's fix & perfect pro primer, and it stays all day! Overall I do really like this foundation, and would reccomend it to anyone of any skin type and also the price is really great.

Thank you so much for reading, hope you have had a good day so far and have a great evening. Please follow me on twitter @beautygeek123 , speak soon.
- BeautyGeek123

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