Monday, 14 May 2012

Review: George Cosmetics.

Hello everyone, in this post I'm going to be reviewing George cosmetics.

From left to right: Faux lash mascara, eye primer, cheeky tint (cheek and lip tint) and finally a
 powder blush in she colour rosy.

Mascara: I have tried out this mascara over the pas couple of days and I must say that for the price its not that bad. It has a curved brush, that to be honest I'm not that much of a fan of curved brushes, and has a kind of wet consistency. One thing I did notice is that it doesn't clump easily, but unfortunately it does end up under your eyes at the end of the day. This mascara retails for £3.50.

Eye primer: The last couple times I have worn eyeshadow I wore this primer underneath  and I do actually quite like it. The primer has a very oily watery consistency, but once you give it a good shake it will be fine, also it dries on the eyes almost powdery which I found quite strange.

Cheeky tint: Out of all four of the products that I own by George, I like and get the most use out of the tint. It is just a simple one step product that you don't need to use any brushes for (so its great for travelling with), and best of all you can use it on your cheeks and on your lips. The colour of the product is also very natural once blended out.

Powder blush: I love having this blush in my collection and I do reach for it alot. Its just that perfect pink, that doesn't have actual glitter in it but leaves the skin with a lovely natural glow. One thing that I must mention is that in the pan it is sort of powdery, but once its on your brush its fine.

You can see the curved mascara wand and the cheek and lip tint has a nail polish applicator.

On the top is a swatch of the powder blush, it didn't really show up that well but it is just a very pretty natural colour, the cheek and lip tint is in the middle and you can see that it is more of a brighter pink but once you blend it in it looks lovely. And finally on the bottom is the eye primer.

Overall I think that George cosmetics have some really good products and great prices. I would totally recommend this brand if you are looking for some good quality cheap makeup. You can find all of the items mentioned above and a ton more instore at Asda.

Thank you for reading, I hope you are all having a good day. If you have a post request please leave a comment below.

disclaimer: This is not sponsored, all products mentioned were brought with my own money.

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