Friday, 18 May 2012

Review: Witch Tinted Moisturiser And Powder.

Hello guys, I hope your all having a really good day, and in this post im going to be reviewing the Witch tinted moisturiser and matching pressed powder!
I have been using the Witch tinted moisturiser and the matching powder for the last week and a bit, I ive toatlly been converted. I never used to like tinted moisturisers, just because I thought that they didnt really give me enough coverage. But, recently my skin has been breaking out and all of the Witch makeup contains witch hazel, which is really good for clearing up your skin.

The tinted moisturiser comes in three different shades light (01), medium (02) and dark (03), so not the best shade range but there is somthing for everyone. And the powder just comes in one shade (im not sure if its coloured or a translucent powder).  I really really love both of these products, but I just wish that the compact powder had a mirror in it for touch ups on the go. As for pricing I think that there acctully quite cheap the powder is £4.99 and the tinted moisturiser is £5.99, and I can happily say that when I run out I will be repurchising both items!
Heres a quick swatch for you all, on top is the powder (and as you can see it does have some colour to it and does give a bit of coverage too), and second is th etinted moisturiser. Now the tinted moisturiser does look a bit orange (more so in real life than on camera). But it does this amazing thing, and I dont know how it does it, but when you start to blend it to your skin, it goes to a normal colour (similar to the powder). Also I nearly forgot to mention that I apply the tinted moisturiser with my hands, I have tried with my little egg shaped sponge and with a brush, but ive found that you get the best results with your fingers.
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