Monday, 21 May 2012

My Hair Care Routine.

Hello again, in this post I'm going to be sharing with you all my hair care routine and how I grew my hair long.

Left to Right: Vosene medicated shampoo, Herbal essences beautiful ends conditioner, Aussie three minute miracle (reconstructor), Boots coconut and almond leave in conditioner and lastly TRESemme argan oil.

So, as you can see I dont use a ton of different products, but I am pretty keen on my conditioners! You can find all of these at the drugstore and none of them are really expensive or break the bank. If im being honest I dont really believe in super expensive hair care products, I'm not saying it isnt nice to treat your self once in a while, but I just think that as with makeup also you can find dupes at the drugstore with the same if not better quaility.

With that little disclaimer out of the way, I guess I should make a start on what I use first. To really clean my hair and to prevent dandruff (ewwwww) I like to use the Vossene medicated shampoo, because let me tell you dandruff is NOT attrictive! Becuase this is a medicated shampoo I wouldnt reccommend it if your hair is clolour treated, as it does take the colour out. But if not and your looking for a standard anti-dandruff shampoo then I would highly reccommend this.
After that I use the Herbal essences beautiful ends conditioner, this is designed for mid lengh to long hair, which I have. But even if you dont have mid to long hair you can still use it, also on the bottle it does say that it has a split end protection, but I dont ever really take notice of that, just because if you use heat on your hair you are going to get split ends, it doesnt matter how much of this conditioner you use!
Around every second or third (or just when ever my hair is feel especially dry) I use some od Aussie's three minute miracle. You can use this as  a regular  conditioner, but I dont really have dry hair so I use it more as a treatment conditioner. And as the name suggests I just leave it on for around three minutes.
Then lastly for the conditioners I always use the Boots coconut and almond leave in conditioner. Ive gone through about 10 of these and I absoultey LOVE it! I maily use this as a sort of detangler spray, also coconut and almond are both really good for your hair. And you cant really go wrong with this product for only £2!!!

The newest addition to my hair care routine is the TRESemme argan oil, I have only had this for abou two weeks but I am obsessed with it!!! All I do is take one pump of it, and just smooth it onto the bottoms of my hair after ive washed it and combed through it all. Also I add another pump after ive styled it, as it just adds a lovley shine to my hair and makes it feel so so so soft!

Hope this wasnt too long for you all and thanks for reading till the end!
Whats your hair care routine?
- BeautyGeek123


  1. i want to try the Boots spray looks good! Lovely blog btw :) x

  2. Thank you, and I think you should its really good. Ive repurchased like 10 times lol, and its really cheap! x