Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Review: Limited Collection Blush In Dusky Rose.

Hi beauty's, today I'm going to be doing a review on a new(ish) blush to my collection and its by natural collection. You can find this brand in store or online at Marks and Spencer.

Here is the packaging of the blush, I personally really like it, I think that it's very classic, neat and looks more expensive than it is.

The colour/shade I own is dusky rose, and I would describe it as the cheaper, matt and more pigmented version of MAC well dressed. The whole Limited Collection line is very affordable, and the blush's retail for (I believe) £4. BARGAIN.

So, here is the swatch! As you can see it is a kinda pale/true pink, that contains no shimmer or glitter, YAY go matt blushes!
I highly recommend this blush, I haven't tried any other colours but I defiantly going to in the future. I hope you enjoyed the review and speak to you all next time.
- BeautyGeek123


  1. Oh no you just persuaded me to visit marks and spemcerd tomorrow!
    Great post x

  2. Thanks! haha :) you won't regret buying it! x