Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Q&A With My Mum.

Hello everyone, today I decided to do a Q&A with my wonderful mum, as I did say I was going to do a Q&A on twitter, and it would be fun to ask my mum the question's as well. So lets get started...

Question one: What is your favourite all time fragrance?

Mum: Oscar De La Renta! I've had about 10 of these, I get one every Christmas. I love the smell and it lasts all day, even though it's hard to get a hold of and it quite expensive.
Me: It defiantly has to be Justin Bieber Someday! Not just because I'm a Beliber, but because it's a really great fragrance, and the packaging is the cutest. Even if your not a Bieber fan, I would recommend going and giving this a wiff at your local perfume store.
Question two: What is your favourite nail polish?
Mum: Mine would have to be a Rimmel nail polish in the colour oyster oink (266). I love the curved brush, and the colour. It's pale everyday polish, and you cant really tell when it starts to wear off!
Me: I was abit greedy and picked three, because I couldn't just pick one. So I went for; OPI's ate berries in the Canaries, Butter London's HRH and OPI's Austin tatious turquoise (from the Texas collection). I'm more for the purple and blue's, and these colour's are great for me. I'd also just like to say that I don't only wear expensive polishes, but they are the best if your looking to splurge!

Question three: What is your favourite foundation?

Mum: I like Rimmel Stay Matte foundation, because I have oily skin and it controls the oils, while lasting all day. One tube lasts me six months, I just run out today. It provides a nice natural medium coverage.
Me: My all time favourite foundation is Bourjois Bio Detox Organic foundation. I love it because I have combination skin and this foundation doesn't dry out or cling to my dry patches but, it lasts all day on my T-zone (where I get most oily). I believe that it is being discontinued though as you can 't find it at Boot's or Superdrug, however you can find it online at Asos, Boots and some discounted beauty websites. It provides the perfect medium coverage, that can be sheered out or built up.

Question Four: If you were stuck on a desert island and you could only take one makeup item with you what would it be?

(Me and my mum both picked a mascara, I thought that it was interesting LOL)
Mum: I would bring with me my mascara (Rimmel volume flash 10x mascara), because I have quite short eyelashes and this is my number one makeup item.
Me: Mine would also have to be a mascara, not because I have short eyelashes (I have quite long ones actully) but because I love how they look with mascara, particually Rimmel scandal eyes mascara. And I find that wearing mascara makes a difference to your whole face :)

Thank you all soooooooo much for taking your time to read my blog. I'm deffinatley up for doing more Q&A type posts in the future, so if you have any more questions pop a comment down below or tweet me @beautygeek123
- BeautyGeek123