Sunday, 3 June 2012

Miss Selfridges' Bargins!

Hello everyone, I hope your all having a wonderful day, are you doing anything for the Jubilee?
Today I went shopping with my mum, and I round rather a few bargins at the Miss Selfridges' jewellery stand in Debenhams, so I thought I'd share them with you :)

So I did only get four bits, but I did get them for unbeatable (and unrissistable, is that even a word?) prices. I've never really brought any jewellery from Miss Selfridges before, but when I saw the sale rail I just couldn't resist. I did look for all of the items online, but didn't have any luck finding them, so if any of the items above caught your eye I'd recommend checking out your local Miss Selfridges' or Debenhams.

Here's a close up of the sun ring, it's original price was £5.00 (which is still really good!!!) and I got it in the sale for £1, even better!

And then here's a close up of what the ear cuff looks like on (sorry for all the hair in the way). I know it won't be to every ones taste, but for one pound I truly couldn't give it a miss.
The grand total of what all of these bit come to was £5, and if I had paid full price for them it would of come to £29, total steal or what? The point of this post wasn't really to show you what I got, but more to share with all of yous what bargins you can find in the sales, and especially at Topshop!!!
Hope your all having a good day, and enjoying the long weekend :)
- BeautyGeek123