Thursday, 7 June 2012

Lets Go Shopping... Ollie May Online Boutique.

Hello guys, it feels like I haven't blogged in ages (even though it's only been about two days). I'm going to be doing a series on my blog called 'lets go shopping...'. So what is it? you may ask, well when I order from a new place online i'm going to be doing a little review on the company (talking ablut delivery, costumer services ect.). Today is going to be the first in the series, Lets go shopping... Ollie May online boutique.
So, here's what the packaging looks like (I ovbiously covered up my address and all that kind of stuff). I really love the pink bag it comes in, very girly! They offer FREE, yes you read right FREE standard delivery, and I believe that it's only £6.00 for international delivery. Now onto what I actully ordered:

The gold sequin dress, it retails for £32.00, but with the £10 discount code (that I got off of their Twitter) it only costed me £22.00. The dress is nice quality, although i'm not sure that I would have paid £32.00 for it.

The Bad: I did have a few issues when paying, so I ended up paying via Paypal, and because of the issues the kind lady at coumsomer services said that she would pop in a few vouchers in there for me (wich I thought was very nice of them). However, when my dress arrived this moring there was no vouchers in there!
Conclusion: Ollie May does have some nice bits on their website and their costomer service is great! I also think that is really wonderful that they offer free delivery. But, after my (semi) bad experience with them i'm not sure I will order again. I'm pretty sure that everyone won't have a bad experience with Ollie May like I did, but before you order off of there (if you do) just keep in mind that you may experience some proplems aswell.
Thanks for reading, and if you have any recommedations of where I should shop next just pop a comment down below or tweet me!
- BeautyGeek123


  1. I love the sparkle on the dress-would like to see it on :)

    Tanesha x

    1. I actually sent it back, because it was too short on me and I felt like it was abit 'shapeless' and boxy. x