Monday, 11 February 2013

Current Favourites!

Hi guys, I hope you are all having a great Monday!
I know that I have been out of ye' old blogging loop recently, but I am starting to get back into the swing of things, starting today. In this post I will be sharing with you a few of my current favourites.
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - £6.99 (Buy Here, with free delivery)
I brought this a few weeks ago, and have worn it almost everyday since. It gives a really nice amount of coverage for everyday wear, yet still covers most of my imperfections. I especially love it paired with my next favourite...
Beauty Blender Dupe - £4.99 (Buy Here, with free delivery)
More recently my skin has become a little more dry, and so I have been reaching for my Beauty Blender dupe way more than my Sigma round top kabuki. I find that this strange looking object leaves my foundation looking more natural, and it doesn't leave product clinging to my dry patches (which I found the kabuki sometimes did).
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer - £16.50 (Buy Here)
I brought this product when I first stared blogging, which was nearly a year ago now -how time flys! I loved it at the time, and then I kind of forgot about it as I was soo busy trying out some other concealers. I re-discovered a couple of weeks back, and I think I adore it even more now. I find that it covers up my awful dark circles really well, without caking.
Topshop Blush in Butterscotch - No Longer Available On Topshop Website.
I mentioned this in *i believe* my last post, which was a haul. This cream blush gives a really natural looking flush to your cheeks, which I adore! I have found that this can also kind of work as a highlighter, which is great.
Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Flash Plum - £5.19 (Buy Here with free delivery)
This is defiantly more of a Autumn type of blush colour, but none the less I have been wearing it a lot recently. I have been wearing this when I want more colour to my cheeks, I find that it goes with lots of eye and lip combo's also!
Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil - £6.00 from Avon Brochure.
This is another recent purchase of mine that I have been obsessing over. I was already a hugeeeeee fan of gel eyeliner. However, day to day I could never be bothered for the whole eyeliner pot and brush scenario, which is why I decided to buy this gel eyeliner pencil. (Especially after having heard good things about this product from the likes of PixiWoo and TheStyleDiet) I find that this performs really well on my eyes, and lasts a long enough time with no touch ups.
Balmi Lip Balm - £4.99 (Buy Here)
Hats off to Balmi for creating a UK version of EOS lip balm! I have it in the pink colour, which I believe is the raspberry flavour. This is really great for moisturising those super dry, chapped lips, which I have had a uber bad case of recently.
17 Lipstick in Bee Hive - £4.79 (Buy Here)
Another product that I will have to re-purchase very soon. My favourite everyday nude lipstick. I honestly don't have a ad thing to say about this product, it's very moisturising, and doesn't cling to flaky dry bits on your lips. This product is a must have in my collection, especially for the price!
Congratulations, for getting to the end of this rather long post! I hope you enjoyed reading and thank you for your time.
What are your current favourites?
- BeautyGeek123.

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